Contemporary and spacious, designed for narrow lots and solar access


Jamieson Floor Plan
  4   2   2
 Ceiling Height 2550mm  
 Residence 197.88m²      21.30sq
 Garage 39.46m²      4.25sq
 Outdoor 19.77m²      2.13sq
 Portico 4.84m²      0.52sq
 Eaves 17.67m²      1.90sq
 Total 279.61m²      30.10sq


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Master Bed 3800x4670
 Bed 2 3000x3500
 Bed 3 3000x3640
 Bed 4 3000x3530
 Family/Meals 7830x5970
 Lounge 4080x4130
 Outdoor 4880x4220
 Garage 5990x6000